Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter®


Product Description

In addition to hard water, many homeowners struggle with iron in their water supply. Iron can be found in city water supplies and in private wells. Rust stains, where there has been water, are a good indication that you have iron in your water supply. Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter® Water Softener Salt Pellets are specially formulated for water with a high-iron content.

These 99.6% pure water softener salt pellets help prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, and tubs. Virtually 100% water soluble, it also minimizes mushing, bridging, and rust buildup in your water softener brine tank, helping to keep your water softener running smoothly. Recommended for most types of water softeners, particularly in regions of high-iron water content.


  • Specially formulated for use where iron content in water is high
  • Pure salt, typically 99.6% sodium chloride
  • Highly effective, FDA approved rust-removing additive, considered non-toxic to bacteria in septic tanks
  • Helps prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, tubs and bathroom bowls
  • Virtually 100% water soluble, formulated to prevent bridging and mushing
  • Can be used in most water softening units



Package SizeVolume Dimensions
(W” x L” x H”)
Units per PalletPallet Weight
25 lb Poly Bag0.62 ft323 x 13.5 x 3.51002,560 lb
40 lb Poly Bag1.04 ft328.25 x 16 x 4632,580 lb
50 lb Poly Bag0.97 ft325.5 x 16.5 x 4492,510 lb
60 kg Poly Bag0.92 ft328.5 x 14 x 4402,450 lb



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